Past Webinars

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In this session, Head of Lending and Property Assets at Trilogy Funds, Clinton Arentz explored Mortgage Trusts, explained how a pro-actively managed mortgage trust could deliver a regular income, and why not all mortgage trusts are created equal.
This session gave investors an insight into the development and rise of the non-bank sector, why industry partners choose to work with non-banks and the value the sector offers investors. This provided attendees with a greater understanding of the area, Lauren Ryan from ThinkTank presented a number of scenarios where borrowers have used loans offered by Thinktank’s private trusts.
Blair Modica, Director, Adviser Services BetaShares will discuss the broad technology sector, its impact on the way we connect with each other and ways to implement a technology-focused investment.
Paul Miron discusses how Evergrande is the most indebted company globally, with approximately $416billion in debt will impact Australian property.
Charlie Aitken will discuss why keeping it simple may just be the best strategy for the current times.
Fidelity International's Anthony Doyle will look at the long-term trends and opportunities in emerging markets.
Alternative asset investments are increasingly seen as important for portfolio diversification as they are not directly correlated to stock market fluctuations.
Elio D'Amato, Founder of Spotee Connect completes a diagnostic on the winners, the losers and everything in between from this reporting season.
Lucy Percy is the founder and principal lawyer of law firm Head and Heart Estate Planning
Angie Ellis of 8020 Investments, shares her investing experiences during the COVID period and her approach in today's ASX market.
Danielle Ecuyer will discuss the major topics and themes from her second book Shareplicity 2 A guide to investing in US stock markets.

Join us as Gemma Dale, Director of Nabtrade discusses how other investors are approaching the market and where to find opportunities.

The discussion will include key headwinds and tailwinds facing the economy and impacting the sector following Australia’s rebound from COVID-19.

Currently, investors are looking for income opportunities in a low interest rate environment. David will provide a recap on the current economic environment and then dive into where to look for Income at a time like this and how this can be applied in portfolios.
The Power of Thematic Investing. Andrew will walk through how investor identifies a megatrend, how the current technology revolution looks set to affect the future for decades to come, and how investors can incorporate thematic exposures into their portfolio.
Anthony Doyle, Cross-Asset Investment Specialist at Fidelity will talk about the compelling reasons to invest in emerging markets, stocks that make up the portfolio of the Fund, and its performance.
Graeme Colley, Executive Manager, SMSF Technical & Private Wealth at Super Concepts will explain how the new budget will impact your Superfund.
Is this really the right discussion for now? Or is there a better way to think about portfolio construction? Hear Charlie Aitken from AIM discuss his views of how to invest now.
During the current low-interest-rate environment, many investors are searching for a competitive yield. Philip Ryan and Clinton Arentz from Trilogy discuss the Australian property market and Trilogy's Monthly Income Trust loan portfolio
Angie Ellis of 8020 Investments, shares her investing experiences during the COVID period and her approach in today's ASX market.
Rudi Filapek-Vandyck from FNArena provides the tools to help you develop a plan and SMSF strategy.
Bianca Ogden from Platinum Asset Management will take you through the many exciting investment opportunities in the biotech industry for the next decade!
After an incredible increase in the price of crypto assets throughout the second half of 2020, Marc Woodward from Apollo Capital shows you the potential of the cryptocurrency asset class.
Alan Hull shares his insights into charting and primary trends and how they can help you invest.
Tim Lawless from Corelogic covers key housing market trends across Australia’s capital cities and regional markets, focusing on housing values, market activity, rental conditions and demand versus supply.
Candice Bourke, Senior Investment Adviser at Shaw and Partners reflects back on the year that was 2020 and what is the outlook for 2021!
Stephen Crowe from ESIC Hub looks at how to invest in early-stage ventures.
Join this webinar for a quick recap of Bond Basics and explore the ways you can invest in the Bond Market. Elizabeth Moran from Fixed Income News Australia discusses ‘safe haven’ government bonds to high yield emerging market debt - you’ll be surprised what is available.
Sarah King from Stockspot talks about passive vs active investing
Join David Costello from Magellan’s Infrastructure team talks about infrastructure stocks.
Lauren Ryan from Thinktank discusses how the new COVID-19 environment will impact the commercial and residential property markets in Australia in the short and long term
Louise Biti from Aged Care Steps and Meredith Coote from Mable look at aged care options.
With cyberattacks becoming more prevalent not only in our day to day lives, but at a corporate and government level, future leaders will need to think carefully about how to protect our online presence. Here Blair Modica from BetaShares and Jackie Lewster from Cynch discuss the industry and ways to invest.
AIA member, Richard Cowan will shared some tips and strategies for achieving good investment returns, dealing with market volatility and staying sane as a self-directed investor.
John Forwood, Lowell’s Chief Investment Officer, will discuss what is driving the strong sector performance, and where to from.
2020 has quickly become one of the most turbulent years in history. Roger Montgomery of Montgomery Investment Management will share insights into his current thinking on the true extent of the economic impact
Vihari Ross, Head of Research at Magellan looks at how COVID-19 has impacted different economies and markets around the world and what this means for investors both in the short term and into the future.
Join Nanuk’s Dan Powell, to discuss the reasons why sustainable technologies are likely to take a step forward through the current crisis.
Dr Peter Garner from Plato discusses the long term performance of ASX dividends compared to cash and other ‘safe’ assets, where to from here for dividends (the impacts of COVID-19 and good, the bad and ugly for ASX dividends in 2020) including stock specific examples.
Angie Ellis from 8020Invest presents tips, tricks and habits of being a successful investor.
Brian Herd of CRH Law discusses what happens to our superannuation when we die.
Jordan Eliseo from the Perth Mint explains the gold rally, continuing a strong run of gains that dates back to Q4 2018. This webinar will look at the benefits of investing in gold as part of a diversified portfolio.
Catherine Yeung from Fidelity International assess the consumption story in Asia post-Covid 19? Can it continue to grow and will it be driven by different factors? The opening up of the capital markets in China - what does it mean for foreign investors?
Actively managed ETFs are a highly flexible tool to complement existing approaches to client portfolio construction.
Jonathan Kriska from Charter Hall discusses A-REIT (Australian Real Estate Investment Trusts) performance, the winners and losers, and the outlook for the sector. View Presentation Slides
Beatrice Yeo and Minh Tieu from Vanguard, outline the current trends in the ETF market, covering the differences between what is happening in Australia compared to the US and Asian ETF markets. The session will also cover how investors are using active and/or diversified ETF’s in their portfolios.
FNArena Editor Rudi Filapek-Vandyck explains how and why context and dynamics have changed for financial markets. For investors, it's time to stop holding on to the past, and adapt in order to thrive and survive. This presentation will bust many myths that keep investors on the road to perennial disappointment. Are you ready for some cold, hard truths?
The coronavirus has triggered economic and social shocks that have profound implications for Australia’s economy. Matt Williams from the Airlie Share Fund shares his views on what the pandemic means for the outlook for Australian economy, the ASX and stocks, namely which stocks to back and which to avoid.
Chad Padowitz from Talaria Asset Management discusses the current economic uncertainty covering the economic impact of the pandemic, corporate implications and medium-term investment outcomes.
What are investors like you doing? Gemma Dale from NAB Trade investigates real-life investor portfolios and discover trends for the 2020’s
Charlie discusses the current share market, his outlook for the next 12 months and what he is doing with his portfolio. Charlie Aitken, Founder + CIO, Aitken Investment Management - Summit Webinar no.6
We all know that small and mid-caps get beaten around more during downturns. This sector is prone to issues around liquidity and pricing. But in today’s recessionary market, there are always winners and losers. This time is no different. Shawn Burns from Switzer and Contango - Summit Webinar 5
Felicity Cooper questions - Have markets reached a level where good value is at hand, and is this any different from what we saw in the GFC? - Summit Webinar 4
Julia Lee from Burman Invest asks, Are equities a buy and if so, which shares look attractive? - Summit Webinar 3
Angus Coote from Jamieson Coote explains How the bond market is impacted by the financial coronavirus melt-down - Summit Webinar 2
A presentation about the effects of the coronavirus on financial markets by economist, Warren Hogan - Summit Webinar 1